How to Create Captivating Instagram Post

It isn’t easy to get peoples’ attention on social media sites. With so many other users and messages to compete with, it’s tricky to find followers that are interested in what you have to say on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites. For example, think about when you’re scrolling through your feed on these sites. There are probably times that you ignore some of the things that you see, even if you like the people or companies that post them. Even though you might find yourself ignoring a lot of postings, there are probably some things that occasionally grab your attention. What is it that makes these things grab your attention anyway?

Well, there are a few basic things that do tend to pique the interest of those who see them. For example, beauty tends to grab one’s attention, and everyone knows that sex sells. Plus, people love getting a good bargain and often notice this kind of postings a lot. When you see a picture or an article that is aesthetically appealing or sexy to you, you probably pay attention. Well, so do other people; this is why a lot of celebrities post risqué photographs on Instagram.

However, you have to remember that not all attention is good attention. It all depends on what type of image you would like to give. Many people and companies break with too much negative publicity. On the other hand, others thrive on a mix of positive and negative attention, just as long as everyone is talking; this is what helps keep them relevant, on peoples’ minds and in the media.

If your integrity is important to you or critical for your business, you should think about the whole good versus bad attention thing. If you’ve ever looked at someone’s Instagram pictures and wondered what he/she was thinking when he/she posted them, then you know all about what grabs negative attention. This means that it’s a better idea to make sure that your photographs have more to offer than just negative attention and publicity.

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