Advantages of Working with a Custom Broker

Importing or exporting goods into Australia, or any other country for that matter, requires you to first talk to a customs broker. The customs department is the government’s wing that handles all goods coming in or out of the country. The customs department is responsible for making sure that only goods which are allowed in the country are let in, and those that are banned are turned away. On top of that, goods are taxed and duties are levied depending upon their supply and demand, so the customs department is responsible for making sure that goods are taxed at appropriate rates. There are many advantages that you get for working with a customs broker. Here are a few.

Complete Moving Solution

If you are a business owner who has to move goods in and out of the country, you should consult with a customs broker. A customs broker in Perth is someone who can help you handle movements of inventory from one country to another. All you have to do is to get in touch with them and give them details about the move. If you have a shipping company on the other end, you will need to give the details to the customs broker so that they can handle everything. They are going to give you a quote depending upon the amount of equipment that you need to import or export, so it’s important that you get in touch with a broker.

Export Handling

Similarly, if you have to export goods out of the country, you will need to contact a customs broker. Customs brokers offer exporting options through air and sea, depending upon your requirements. Many goods that are exported out of the country are not taxed, so you will need to work closely with the customs agent to find out more about the certifications, charters, banking documents, and other details. All relevant information must be submitted to the authorities before the goods can be sent forward. They must be appropriated by the International Air Transport Association if the goods will be moved by air. Biosecurity inspections and certificates will also need to be submitted accordingly as well.


In many cases, the goods that arrive in the country cannot be claimed by the company immediately. As a result, they are stored in a warehouse for a specific period of time. If you are working with a customs broker, they are going to store the goods in their warehouse for a considerably lower fee. If not, they will be stored in the port warehouses and demurrage charges will be levied on them, which are going to be quite high and usually charged by the day.

Customs brokers will give you comprehensive ideas about the plenty of different ways by which you can bring goods into the country or export them. Consultation is necessary to keep things going steadily and to minimise any additional charges that might be levied on your goods.

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