Are You Moving Your Business To New Premises?

Are you planning a relocation? There can be many reasons for relocating; hopefully, it is a positive one, such as the expansion of your company. Whatever the deciding factor, many different areas demand your attention. I want to use this short article to make you aware of some potential advantages which when combined can produce a tremendous modern office environment to energise your staff and impress visitors.

Starting Your Search

It is always a good idea to look at what is available. Using your favoured search engine typing in office fit out Cheltenham, for example, should give you a good listing of local suppliers specialising in office refurbishment. Take some time to view some of their products and information, and you can also make a list of any prospective companies you might use for your project. Remember that you can use consumer rating websites such as Trustpilot to see how previous customers think of them.

Food For Thought

A new premise is a blank canvas on which you can maximise how your business works, creating an inspiring workplace where your staff can thrive. The main areas you need to investigate are as follows –

  • Partitioning Systems – how you divide the workspace can be crucial. Systems using glass or drywall partitions are options depending on your needs. The glass partitions are increasingly popular as they are used to spread natural light through the office.
  • Décor – Hugely crucial in creating the right mood in the workplace, paint, vinyl wall coverings, or plastering are choices available. The suitable colour scheme can uplift staff and enhance productivity. Increased green planting can also be of benefit to the office aesthetics.
  • Furniture – advances in modern design mean numerous stylish options from seating to complete workstations, bright colours can combine with the décor to produce superb results.
  • Lighting – enormously important as the correct natural light is linked to staff output, modern led lighting is now used to create the same effects if you do not have enough windows.
  • Staff Areas – Break rooms, kitchens, and washrooms can be designed to benefit the workplace and staff.
  • Flooring – often overlooked, forms a vital part of the office aesthetic. Different effective materials can create pleasing flooring designs to complement the décor and build on the overall look.

These are the main areas but by no means the only parts of the refurbishment that need addressing. Mechanical items like heating and cooling systems and IT infrastructure such as data or comms rooms all need your focus as they form parts of an efficient working office.

A Great Supplier

Having contacted a chosen installer, they should conduct a site visit and advise you on the best options for the specifications you have given them. Computer design programmes should then give you a good idea of how it should look. You should get a good feel if they are right for you and a competent company to entrust your project.

I hope this short piece has given some food for thought and is a good starting point for your office refurbishment adventure, good luck!

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