Finding A Product Packaging Vendor: Aspects To Consider!

You have to redesign and redefine product packaging every few months. Customers are very choosy about the brands they shop for, and you have to offer something more than just the product itself. The product box is often seen as an extra by marketing experts. Besides the fact that box is a good way of branding, it could be made reusable, so that consumers find more one more season to buy the product. To get product packaging and storage right, you must first find a vendor, and in this post, we are discussing all that you need to know about working with a box manufacturer.

Beyond basic manufacturing

Gone are times when box manufacturers simply made product boxes on order. Today, these manufacturers double up as experts on design and offer services like storage. Yes, you read that right. There are custom box manufacturers, who have their own team of designers and experts, who can guide your company on how to customize the shape and size of the design and offer advice on how to get the theme and design right. You can also expect to get warehouse services. Order a large batch of custom boxes, and the manufacturer will stock it, until shipping is required.

In other words, you need a manufacturer/vendor, who can do more and be a strategic partner for packaging.

Pricing must be discussed

Brands often end up spending on generic cardboard boxes, because custom packaging seems like an expensive affair. However, with a reliable vendor, it doesn’t have to be true. You can expect to get direct assistance on pricing from the manufacturer. Contrary to popular belief, customizing corrugated boxes and packaging doesn’t have to be about huge budgets, and there are various means that manufacturers can recommend to curtail the costs. Of course, get an estimate in advance and discuss your requirements, but it should be a clear one with no extra or hidden charges.

Review samples

Finally, don’t work with a box manufacturer, unless you have checked the range of products they have designed for clients. Ask for samples, talk to the vendor to know if they can handle large and small orders, and if they can be relied on for regular orders. Samples of corrugated boxes must be checked, because the strength of the box does matter during transit.

Check online now to find custom product box manufacturers near you and ask for quotes.

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