Hire the Best Shredding Companies When It Comes to Your Sensitive Information

Document shredding is a never-ending process. If you work in a small organization, manually shredding documents might be a quarterly affair and might not seem too tedious. In big organizations where employees handle multiple documents, shredding them manually might be too much to handle.

Certified Shredding Companies are Your Safest Bet

If you have decided to hand out the destruction tasks to shredding companies, then you might need to do your homework here. The internet is flooded with shredding companies, that it might be a daunting task to find the right company.

Houston, itself has a lot of shredding companies offering their services. Go in for document shredding Houston companies that are NAID AAA certified. These are certification recognized by both the State and Federal laws. Such companies ensure that they are in line by the policies and abide by them.

Another important factor that you might want to check out for is whether the shredding company is insured or not. In case, if your document is damaged or has any issue, you are covered. When talking with the shredding company, ensure that you understand how they carry out the shredding process.

Asking the Right Questions

Ask the right questions. Reputable shredding companies will always have your company’s best interests in mind. Take quotes of at least three to four companies and compare the prices. Choose one that best meets your requirements. If the shredding is a recurring activity, then you can even ask for discounts or the best deals they have to offer.

Some of the questions that you need to ask for are:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What type of shredding services do they offer?
  • How is your confidential information handled?
  • How much is the cost and are they any hidden charges?
  • How are the documents shredded?
  • Are you an onsite or offsite shredding company?
  • Do they issue a Certificate of Destruction, once the documents are shredded?
  • What happens after the shredding is completed?
  • Do they recycle the shredded documents?
  • Do they have the latest equipment for shredding?

You can even ask for client referrals to understand the quality of their work. While questioning, if you feel that the company is not being transparent or dodging your questions, then you can look for other credible companies.


Hiring the right shredding company is in your hands. Asking the right questions gives you the confidence that you are hiring the right company who will ensure that the shredding of your sensitive information is a smooth process.

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