How Corrugated Packaging Can Increase Your Sales?

If your packaging does not survive the shipping process, it is time to reconsider your packing strategy. Imagine a container of shipment getting damaged and this can impact your bottom line. If you use corrugated packaging material for shipping there is no need to be concerned about security as the product is moved from your warehouse to the final destination without any damage.

Corrugated packaging material can be beneficial in a variety of sectors. The conception and creation of the ideal box format are not just to secure products boxed inside but even to handle the rigors of transit. The corrugated packaging robustness can increase sales because customers get their products on time yet in great condition.

Corrugated packaging supports the preservation of –

  • Comestibles – Produce companies adore the capability of corrugated fiberboard to help them preserve the appearance, freshness, taste, and aroma of vegetables & fruits for longer than the plastic material. As the product gets preserved during shipping, it causes an increase in their shelf life.
  • Consumer products – Padding can be added so that products are shipped properly with utmost care. Flexible design options are available to make sure that any kind of product gets appropriately fit and reaches the doorstep of consumers in good shape.

The design increases customer satisfaction

Design flexibility helps to create engaging packaging, which delights customers when they receive the box comprising of an electronic item, food product or clothing. With so much competition in the market, you need to choose a packaging that is distinct from your competitors. You can choose a design that ensures secondary use.

For instance, corrugated boxes are reused and you will see lots of creative craft ideas children enjoy doing with it. Make sure there is no compromise on the quality. A craft brewery producer made their packaging visually appealing with the help of advanced printing techniques.

They even used the resilience and strength of the corrugated fiberboard cartons. Large containers were used to hold beer cans or bottles. As these containers are resistant to moisture and very strong a large number of bottles and cans could be packaged in it.

To make them more useful and fun, the producers added die-cut windows, removable coasters and the customers could even change the whole carton into an ice cooler. Customer satisfaction increased with extra appeal and functionality.

Communicate eco-friendly philosophy

Your commitment to the environment can be perceived when you use corrugated fiberboard for product packaging and shipping containers. It influences customer’s buying behavior as they feel impressed with the recycling program details printed on your product packaging boxes.

As corrugated cardboard material is made from fully recyclable and renewable resources, it is a very sustainable packaging option. Customers can easily reuse it or recycle it or just fold and store it for future use.

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