How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Molding Partner

Manufacturing plastic parts and products can be a complicated process and there are a lot of factors to take into account when picking a plastic injection molding company that fits your industry, production requirements, and unique products. The best place to start is to gain knowledge of the plastic molding process.

This process uses polymers or plastic resins that are heated, melted, and injected under high pressure into a custom mold to produce plastic parts to be used in manufacturing products. If your company is like others, you may need an injection molding partner to produce highly complex parts.

To make sure you end up choosing the right company, consider the tips below:

Consider your Volume and Size Requirements

There are a lot of injection molders in the country and choosing the best one can seem overwhelming. You can start the selection process by narrowing your options down based on your volume and size requirements. If you need to quickly produce a prototype to test a part, choose a low to moderate molder. This molder can produce less than 10, 000 units, which makes them an ideal choice for applications that do not require hundreds of thousands of parts or bridge tooling. But, you will need a high volume molding partner if your job requires more than 750, 000 parts and if you need to produce parts that require small-sized molds.

Think about How they Comply with your Specifications

A good injection molding partner like Fibertech makes strong recommendations based on your specifications without having to make substantial compromises. Their recommendations must stem from their experience, expertise, and knowledge of the latest technologies. Changes in specifications are likely to include minor design tweaks, alternative resin suggestions, and other cost-effective ways that can greatly benefit you.

Ask about their Extra Services and Technology

The best partner offers more than just traditional service offerings. You will want to partner with a company that provides prototyping, part design service, in-depth mold flow analysis, quick response manufacturing, and other extra services. This will help you in creating valuable cost and timing efficiencies in terms of getting your product to the market.

Pick a Company that is Committed to Offering the Best Service

To evaluate a company’s ability to offer quality and efficient service that suits the needs of your organization, consider the efficiency and quality of their equipment, industry recognition, and robust mold maintenance program. Also, check if they use project management software that guarantees the highest level of communication and efficiency throughout each step of the part design and development process.

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