Organising A Charitable Team-Building Event For Your Employees

Organising a charitable event is an excellent option when looking for inspirational team-building activities that your employees will love and benefit from. With the cost of living increasing recently, many people are struggling financially, some even having issues feeding themselves correctly. You and your company can do something positive for this situation and embark on a charitable team-building event to help your local community. Below are some team-building ideas that might suit your employees and can help your local community at the same time.

Community Kitchen

An excellent option you can consider for your employees is a community kitchen team-building activity, which is lots of fun and does good for a worthwhile cause. Choosing something like cooking community team building by can be a highly rewarding experience, and it is suitable for groups from 10 people up to 200+. The event can occur indoors or outdoors and typically lasts for around four hours. Your group will be split into teams where you will brainstorm different menus before jumping in to prepare the food. Qualified chefs will guide you, and all the food you produce will be given to those in need so that you can help a worthwhile cause and those less fortunate in your local community.

The Bike Factory

Another excellent team-building event you can consider for your employees that will help a charitable cause is the bike factory.

An event like this can help develop various skills within your workers, including:

  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Leadership & Delegation
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Trust

The event is suitable for groups from 8-200, and it starts by splitting your employees into teams and starting with a mini–Amazing Race style event. Once complete, you will move onto the bike building workshop, assembling bikes from the parts they collected in the previous race. A qualified bike mechanic will expertly supervise teams to ensure the bikes are assembled correctly, and then a winning team will be declared. The best part of this event is that you will give the bikes to deserving young recipients who could not afford a bike otherwise so that you will be doing your bit for your local community.

The Toy Factory

Another excellent option you can consider for team building that can help the children in your local community is taking part in the toy factory challenge. It is a similar event to the bike factory and is suitable for similar size groups, from eight to 200, and the event can last between two and four hours. The teams will work together assembling and decorating toys for underprivileged children, and they will have to negotiate mossing pieces and tools they need to assemble everything correctly. One of the best aspects of this exercise is that once complete, the children will come to collect the toys, and you get to see the smiles on their faces when they see what you have made.

These are a few charitable team-building events you can consider for your employees, but more options are available. You can help grow and develop your team and enhance their skills while giving back to your local community and making young children extremely happy.

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