Thinking About an Office Refurbishment?

To meet the continuing demands of an ever-changing working environment, it is often necessary to re-organise or refit an office or workspace to better meet the challenges faced by many employers. Various parts of a working office can be upgraded to improve the aesthetic looks and re-energise your workforce to make them happier and more productive. One such area is introducing more natural light, which studies have shown is key to physical and emotional well-being. I want to use this short piece to give you some valuable ideas on improving your premises to everyone’s benefit.

Finding A Great Supplier

Before we think about the areas for improvement, it is vital to identify two or three suppliers which you could use for your project, and there are several ways you might do this –

  • Personal recommendation – you might know someone who has had a good experience with an office refurbishment company.
  • Previous experience – You might have used a company before that gave excellent service.
  • There may be a very local supplier who you could call on within visiting distance.
  • Consumer Websites – Both Trustpilot and Feefo give a rating on how well a company completes work.
  • Using an internet search – typing in ‘office fit out in Gloucester’ or similar will give you a list of local companies.

Use two or more of the above mediums to select installation specialists that you can obtain a quotation from; having done that, we can now look at the different areas of the office that you might upgrade.

Areas For Improvement

Each part of any office might be improved to varying degrees depending on your budget, and if you need to re-organise how you use the floor space, then a new partitioning system would be something to consider. An excellent option available in several materials would be a glass partitioning system, increasingly popular as they create a great modern looking office and spread natural light throughout to everyone’s benefit. The other main areas that you should consider are –

  • Décor – a new colour scheme in energising colours can, with more green plants, bring a whole bright new look for a relatively low cost.
  • Furniture – modern ergonomic design can improve everything from seating to complete workstations.
  • Flooring & Ceiling – both can upgrade if you have the business need; suspended ceilings can be an acoustic solution in noisy offices.
  • Staff areas – Breakout rooms, kitchens and washrooms can be improved, which will lead to an uplift in staff happiness and, in turn, productivity.

These areas may be transformed to harness your premises to ensure efficient workflow and staff well-being.

Final Considerations

All excellent installation suppliers of office equipment should be able to offer you an end-to-end design process that may also utilise some computer design programme to show you how best to use your workspace. Unless you already have a complete specific idea of how you want the office to look, it is wise to seek their advice on any item or area which you might be unsure about – use their expertise. All then seek at least three quotations for the work involved; you might then be able to negotiate the costs in your favour.

There we are; I hope you are now more informed to approach an office refit in confidence, and I have given you some valuable ideas.

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