Transformer Breakdown: To Repair Or To Replace!

If yours is a business in manufacturing line with industrial use of power, having a transformer is but an essential. The huge supply of power to the industry requires a good investment into designing power supply. And so when it breaks down it can become a huge concern for the business.

One of the points of doubt when the transformer breaks down is that is one should go for a transformers repair or replacement altogether. Given the different factors of consideration, here is what to keep in mind when you decide!

The quantum of damage

It is not every day that we think of replacing a machine part of a system. Regular damages are part and parcel of working with the industrial tools. But it is always the quantum of damage that decides if you should go for a repair or a complete replacement. If it is a simple damage of parts or a small section of the equipment, it can always be repaired. But if it is causes inefficiency, complete breakdown etc a replacement is a suitable option.

Cost involved

Transformers are heavily priced and are defined in the investment infrastructure of a business. As such businesses take great care while making an investment on set-ups like these. The cost of repair is always less than the cost of replacement. But the effects of repair are not long lasting like replacement. Therefore it is important to weight the cost involved the longevity one shall get with it.

Life of the transformer

If the useful life of the transformer is coming to an end it is always suitable to go for a replacement. During the end years of use, the transformers generally don’t work well. But if it is a new equipment with a number of years left for it to use it well, the idea is to improvise on the equipment and extend its useful life by giving it a suitable repair. A repair can extend the useful life of the transformer too given the suitable parts are replaced.

Time required!

Transformers are not available from the industries anytime of the year. It can sometimes take more than a year of waiting time for the new transformer to arrive into a business premise. If your business cannot wait for so long keeping the business at halt, a repair is a suitable option!

Get your transformer repaired from a suitable and specialized business where the experts lay foundations to quality processes and services!

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