What Are Your Pallet Shipping Needs?

Shipping services range from handling export shipments to delivering goods by lorry, air, or sea. If you choose a business that can assist you in all these ways, you will be ahead of the competition. Review each of the amenities provided for each service.

For example, a pallet courier from Pallet2Ship can often provide road freight services that surpass customer expectations. By choosing the right courier for your business, you can enjoy the lowest prices in the UK. Businesses that go the distance can deliver small parcels as well as full lorry loads.

Oversized Pallets and Partial or Full Loads Are Accepted

All services via road freight are door-to-door with tracking provided by most carriers. You can also ask for tail lift collections as a convenience. Oversized pallets are accepted and you can send partial or full loads. Both businesses and residences are served.

Maybe you would like to send parcels or pallets by air. If so, you need to look at the air freight options. By choosing the right carrier, you can deliver merchandise or packages to over 220 destinations throughout the world. You can also take advantage of door-to-door services. The customs clearance is always included in the cost. Maybe you are looking for lower-cost options from door to airport. If so, you can take advantage of this alternative if you choose a full-service carrier business.

When you send parcels or pallets by air, you can receive detailed tracking of the merchandise. This can help you with customer follow-up. If you customer needs something in a hurry, you can easily tell him or her where the item is in transport. You can also take advantage of next-day air if this service is needed. Only the best worldwide carriers are used for this type of service.

Do You Plan to Ship Items by Sea?

Would you like to send products across the sea? If so, you will want to review the sea freight services offered by top couriers. Take advantage of low door-to-port pricing and find a company that will deliver your merchandise to one of over 200 ports worldwide. You can send anything from a small-sized pallet to large container loads. You can still find the best price if you go through a business that features various carrier offerings.

By using sea freight services, you also get help with the documents used for export and shipping. Business deliveries are sent door to door and a sea freight tracking system will help you verify any delivery online.

You can also use the same full-service shipping company for importing products worldwide. You can import your products throughout Europe from the UK by road or take advantage of air or sea freight services. Again, tracking will enable you to determine where your items are in transport. Using all of the above services will help you run your business with streamlined ease.



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